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Portable Document Format (PDF)

Our preferred format is Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), as this is the best way to ensure that we print exactly what you see on your screen.

+ Vector Format, Lines and curves remain smooth regardless of enlargement.
+ File Sizes are generally very small and easily manageable.
+ Inclusive File, everything is included in file.

There are some considerations, limitations and issues with other formats:

DWG/DXF (Standard Autocad format)
+ Vector Format, meaning that all points and angles are remembered in this file format, so a curved line will remain looking smooth even when you enlarge the drawing.
- Larger File Sizes
- Locally based files, meaning a DWG format can refer to line settings, images and fonts on the architects computer, there is then a risk of parts of the drawing not being included in file and subsequently not printed.

- Raster Format, meaning that a flat image is remembered in this file format, quality will decrease as file is enlarged.
* File Sizes can vary.
+ Inclusive File, everything is included in file.

PDF files can be created from within many different applications. If your application doesn't have this option you may need to use alternative software to create a PDF, examples include:
- Adobe Acrobat DC 2015
- Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015
- PDFCreator (available free)